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We customize and host leads generation marketing and client acquisition landing page websites for accountants.

These websites are designed to  give accountants viral market dominance that will bring qualified leads and ready-to-sign clients to find them on the internet and in our marketing directories.

If you are looking for more clients, you are at the right place.

We take the hassle out of getting leads and new client to grow your business, with viral marketing, that brings clients to find you.

How it works: 

We put accountants in our directories in front of qualified business owners, with our find-an-accountant message, which entices them to visit the business profile web of accountants in our network.

These visits, leads them to visit the landing page of the accountant they selected from the directory and play the welcome video.

This review, allow them to develop a feeling of knowing the accountant and if they are ready, they will connect with the accountant and retain them to provide the required service.



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